Author = O. Rahmani Seryasat
An Efficient and Load Balanced Task Offloading in Vehicular Internet of things

Volume 5, Issue 1, October 2022, Pages 46-55

B. Ravaei; S. Ravaei; S. MoshrefZadeh; O. Rahmani Seryasat

A Bidirectional Long Short-Term Neural Network Model to Predict Air Pollutant Concentrations: A Case Study of Tehran, Iran

Volume 5, Issue 2, October 2022, Pages 63-76

H. Ghayoumi Zadeh; A. Fayazi; O. Rahmani Seryasat; H. Rabiee

Noise Reduction in Medical X-Ray Images Using Wavelet and Neural Networks

Volume 4, Issue 1, December 2021, Pages 36-52

M. Zamani; S. Azadi; O. Rahmani Seryasat

Intelligent intrusion Detection of computer networks using Random Forest Algorithm

Volume 2, Issue 1, December 2019, Pages 48-58

S. Moshrefzadeh; O. Rahmani Seryasat; B. Ravaei

Intelligent transportation in the prevention of accidents

Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2018, Pages 49-56

S. Asadzadeh; O. Rahmani Seryasat; S. Moshrefzadeh