Sensorless Stator Flux Oriented Control for Startup Gas Turbine

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1 School of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Tehran

2 Senior Member, IEEE School of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Tehran


This paper proposes a hybrid position estimation method for load commutated inverter (LCI) fed wound field synchronous motor (WFSM) at zero speed up to turbine ignition speed. In this method injection based position estimation method is used at low speed. Then a stator flux observer is applied to firing pulse generation and position estimation.
With use of proposed algorithm the problems of other position estimation are reduced and thyristor's commutations at zero up to final speed are well done. In this paper a new structure has been introduced for stator flux oriented control of LCI fed WFSM which improves power factor and dynamic response of speed controller. Moreover, manufacturing cost is reduced. Finally proposed algorithm and structure are simulated in MATLAB Simulink.


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