Mechanically Closed Loop Gearbox Test Rig Controller

Document Type : Original Article


1 K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

2 Sharif University of Technology Branch of ACECR, Tehran, Iran


Most of the techniques used to monitor and diagnose faults from machines are usually based on additional measurements which require high setup costs and installation difficulties. This paper focuses on developing controller of a new method to monitor and detect problems of a gearbox transmission system based on the parameters acquired from control systems. The control data which are usually available in most of machines, including actuator current and valve flow, equivalent tensional stiffness, rotary inertia, load set point, speed demand, motor current and torque feedback have been explored based on gearbox test system[1]. Electro hydraulic actuators are widely applied in several engineering fields. However, their design is not a simple task since it is necessary to observe their behavior according to control theory. A nonlinear regression model is adopted to simulate the test condition and survey the results in the present of disturbances and any kind of interferences.  The objective of this study was to obtain physical model of an electro- hydraulic actuator and provide the electro-hydraulic system which depends on the hydraulic actuators to meet the motion control system demands.   However, their design is not a simple task since it is necessary to observe their behavior according to control theory. The core of the paper depends on comparing the results of two corresponding control methods (On-Off control and PID control) and the impact of the noise into the control input signal. The results confirm that the PID controller modifies the response even in presence of the noise in control input signal in accuracy, rise time, settling time, and speed.


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