An Improved Multiport Power Converter for Grid-tied PV-EV Charging Systems

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Department of Electrical Engineering, Shahid Chamran University, Ahvaz, Iran


Renewable energy is in high demand for residential use, and solar energy is a favored source due to its popularity. One of the benefits of incorporating solar energy into EV charging systems is the reduction of GHG emissions while also lessening the load on the electrical grid, thus aiding in grid stabilization during peak hours. Integrated power converter topologies between photovoltaic (PV) panels, grid, and EV provide improved efficiency and reduced size, weight, and cost compared to non-integrated structures. Nevertheless, conventional integrated topologies mainly rely on traditional sub-converters which experience high voltage stresses on the semiconductor devices and low voltage gains. The paper presents a novel Multiport Power Converter, which is integrated into grid-tied PV-EV charging systems. This Converter is capable of offering lowered voltage stress on the bidirectional EV-side converter, thus improving the system's efficiency. Additionally, it can achieve a higher voltage gain for the PV-side converter operations. The converter can function in various modes- grid to EV, EV to grid, PV/EV to grid, PV to EV, and PV to grid. To validate the proposed converter, a MATLAB-based simulation programme is utilised to verify the theoretical analysis and performance of the proposed converter.